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Short-Term Loans for All of Your Commercial Needs

When your business needs cash fast and only for a short amount of time, then our merchant cash advance option is perfect for you. You can get the capital that you need to run your company and pay it back daily over a short term. A merchant cash advance is a purchase of your business' future receivables. You can qualify for up to $2,000,000 through our short-term loan services. All you have to do is submit a one-page application and you can receive your funds in as little as two days with no upfront costs or hidden fees attached.

Get the Positive Results You Deserve

After you're funded, a small percentage of your daily sales will be collected by Encore until the full amount has been repaid. This process is completely automatic, so you're not required to write any checks or remember a specific payment schedule. If your business slows down, the payments slow down as well. We work with you every step of the way and will generate an offer that is customized to your business' performance. In order to qualify for our merchant cash advances, your business must meet the following requirements:

• Minimum Time in Business of Four Months
• Minimum of $3,000 Per Month in Credit or Debit Card Transactions, or in Total Sales
• Your Business is Not Currently in Bankruptcy
• Minimum Credit Score of 500

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